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Our private online virtual tours and classes allow you to experience the art collections of different museums even when you’re not at the museum.

Why a virtual tour can be useful

What if you would like to go to an exhibition or a museum, but you are unable to attend.
Or imagine that the museum you want to visit has been closed for years due to a large-scale renovation, so you cannot visit it.
And what if you are just too busy, and you can only go at night. That is bad luck, because then most museums are closed.
Suppose, you have planned a visit to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, but you already want to prepare your visit at home, but how?
Or assume you want to go to the Rijksmuseum or Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam with your grandchildren, but they happen to live abroad.

A virtual tour is also fun

There are many reasons and occansions why a virtual online presentation can be educational, fun and enjoyable. Because a personal visit is not possible or because you want to prepare thoroughly, or otherwise.

Technology makes it possible

A private online visit/ presentation/ webinar is realizable with today’s technical possibilities. A virtual private tour guided by an experienced guide is within reach. All it takes is a stable internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, iPad or a computer, and a video conferencing tool like e.g. ZOOM. This way you can participate in a virtual tour online. And the participants don’t necessarily have to be at the same computer.

Just an example: it is possible for grandmother and grandfather from New Orleans to visit an exhibition or museum together with their grandchildren in New Zealand. And yes you can also ask the experienced guide questions. Nice right?

Our Virtual Online Tours

Rijksmuseum Highlights Tour

Explore the museum virtual online with an interactive, family-friendly tour. Each tour is organized around a museum or theme and highlights artworks on view from the collection and special exhibitions.

Details Virtual Online Tour

We offer the following Private Guided Virtual Online Tours at the moment. They last about 90 minutes.