Private Tour Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


The Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art has been extensively renovated and modernized. The new exhibition building with its futuristic look resembles a spaceship. The architects themselves baptized their new creation the “bathtub”.

The Stedelijk Museum houses an important collection of modern and contemporary art. Starting from the 1880s (the startingpoint is Vincent van Gogh) to the present. The museum also houses a significant collection of design objects.

Private Highlights Tour Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Kasimir Malevich. The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam holds the largest collection of Malevich's work outside of Russia.

Kasimir Malevich.
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam holds the largest collection of Malevich’s work outside of Russia.

Why did Malevich paint such paintings in which you cannot recognize anything? Or can you recognize something?

The Highlights tour is a journey through modern art history.
The tour will clarify the many “isms” used by art critics and artists to label groups of artists with a common style, attitude or theory. The starting point of the journey is the late 19th century and continues till today’s art.


STEDELIJK BASE. The new exhibition concept in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Showing modern art and modern design, side by side.

Art and Design exhibited together in 1 large space.

In the foreground left
Le violoniste by Marc Chagall

Chagall is a Jewish painter from Russia, but he lived and worked in Paris. Does the painter’s religion and origin play a role in his motives?

The permanent art and design collection is shown together in one large space. Therefore the similarities and differences between the countless works of art and design become all the more clear. This new presentation concept is labeled STEDELIJK BASE.

Claes Oldenburg & Roy Lichtenstein

Saw by Claes Oldenburg &
As I Opened Fire by Roy Lichtenstein

Where do artists get their inspiration from? Popular products that everyone knows? Is that then Pop Art?

This new presentation concept STEDELIJK BASE starts in the late 19th. century with post-impressionism (Vincent van Gogh) and naturalism (George Hendrik Breitner). In addition, the presentation continues chronologically with a long list of different art developments that follow-up till today’s art.


  • Abstractivism (e.g. Wassily Kandinsky and Hans Jean Arp).
  • Expressionism (e.g. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner).
  • Futurism (e.g. Giacomo Balla ).
  • Constructivism (e.g. Naum Gabo).
  • Cubism (e.g. Picasso).
  • Suprematism (e.g. Kazimir Malevich).
  • And so on. The names in brackets are just a few examples of artists that produced works in those styles.
Stedelijk Museum - Martial Raysse

Neon Lips by Martial Raysse

These lips were made for…

The different positions of the art movements and artists will be clarified with the help of the selected artworks and design objects.

Details Highlights Tour Stedelijk Museum

  • The Private Guided Tour Highlights of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.
  • Duration takes about 1.5 hours.
  • The group size for private museum tours in the Stedelijk Museum of modern art depends on the rules of the museum. Larger groups require several guides.
  • Art historian or art teacher as a guide.